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17.09.2012 ■ Server and Registration will be offline few days because we migrate the server to a new datacenter, and we will be back with a brand new server and website
04.04.2102 ■Server will be offline 48 Hours ISP techinical problems
20.03.2012 ■Hamachi networks id have been changed
12.11.2011 ■ Server/Registration will be offline everyday between 1am-11am hours (+2gmt)
27.01.2011 ■ Server/Registration will be offline 24h due some tehnical problems
02.01.2011 Please when joining our hamachi network choose and join only 1 channel


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Game story

Many ages ago the continent was ruled by only one empire. For many years the land experienced peace and tranquility and didnt know about the horible diseases that spread arround the world caused by a huge stone descended from the sky wich began transforming animals into monsters and spread deadly diseases. Inocent people suffered as those who were slain by these monsters or choked to death by disease later rose again as undead people. the undead caused chaos and destruction all over the continent. Eventually the single empire collapsed into three different continents, all fighting for their own survival.

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